Pigmentum Malbec Red Wine


The pigmentum 100% malbec is a selection of the best malbecs grown on the highest gravely and clay terraces of the cahors appellation situated between the large loops of the lot river in the southwest of france. Wine-making: traditional fermentation by classic remontage with a cold prefermentation maceration and a short fermentation of two weeks to extract mainly the fruit. Tasting: a wine that is sure to provide pleasure it has a beautiful red color with a bouquet of summer flowers as well as powerful red and black fruit aromas: raspberry blackcurrant and blackberry. The wine is very fruity with rich buttery tannin on the palate. Round attractive and inviting it makes a fine aperitif! Food and wine pairings: pigmentum malbec is the perfect wine to accompany everyday’s meals as well as more elaborate dishes such as roast pork leg of lamb duck beef tajine cannelloni chicken currry and vol au vent.- georges vigouroux

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